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Hello My Name is...

Attention travelers, and adventurers! Do you know the name of someone who lives in the world of Asperran? Maybe a shop keep, roadside juggler, or even a talking woodland critter? If so the Venture Association of Asperran requires your aid!

It is with sadness in our hearts that proclaim the disappearance of our world renown chronicler, J. Hancrag. With them, our archive of true names has been lost.Only YOU can help us keep track of everyone in our fine world!

To send a name to our new and improved arcane archive, press your hand against the form on the right, then think of the name of the person you know.

Then tap the submit rune, and the information will be delivered via arcane carrier pigeon to our grand archives! Stand back, delivery may be messy.


The Archive of the Bismuth Reserve

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