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About the Show

Tales of Asperran is an improvisational and collaborative storytelling podcast. What does that mean? Once a month we sit down at our desks and leave our everyday lives behind to pretend to be someone we are not. We record it all and put it out here for you to enjoy. Together we will weave a beautiful story for you, second by second, page by page. The best part of it all is that we have no idea what will happen next.

Our story is being told with a game system you may or may not be familiar with: Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition. This just means that sometimes we roll dice to figure out what happens next in the story. Will you slay a dragon, defeat an evil sorcerer, save a kingdom, or make a really bitchin' crepe?

Let's roll the dice and find out. Together.

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Our Mission:

For my entire life I have had a passion for storytelling. One thing I love about stories is how they can connect people. Someone can spend a few minutes recounting a story of their old favorite car, a beautiful day at the beach, or their excitement for a concert, and something wonderful happens. You can see the hope and the light in their eyes while they share this time with you. For that brief moment it's tangible, yet you can never hold it in your hands. These moments in someone's life can be so small...yet absolutely monumental.


Together, the cast of our show want to bring those moments to you. The goal of Tales of Asperran is to inspire others to create stories and memorable moments with their friends. We record our stories and share them with you here to bring a bit of light and joy into your lives. If you enjoyed the show, spread the word!

If you'd like to share the love you can find us on Twitter, and Facebook. As for watching the show, check out Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or search for us on google podcasts. We also have a discord server for our fans and friends of the show to talk writing, D&D, or just about anything under the sun. We love sharing stories, so if you'd like to keep the conversation going, feel free to e-mail us with feedback, or just want to share some stories of your own.

What is Asperran?

These tales begin in the sprawling, unkempt world of Asperran, or Hope, as the New Divine would call it. Here young gods walk silent and unseen among common mortals. The Kingdoms of Humanity shine like a beacon throughout the cosmos. To the East, within the dense jungles of the Draugmah Coast, beasts of Jurassic proportions lurk, awaiting their next meal, and Pirate Regents prowl the open waters. Among the Amber Cascades, Oasis Kingdoms wage wars for family and justice for the fallen. In the Northern deserts blasts of heat from an unseen source turn the mountains to glass, leaving mortal kingdoms to hide within the safety of their shadows. Nobles squabble within the Black Anvil marshlands as a dark power incubates unnoticed deep within the body of a fallen god. In the Northern Cradle the light of the First City has stood against time, protecting the beacon that stands as a bastion against a cosmic predator hunting for its final quarry.   

You, fine listeners, find yourselves at a makeshift roadside camp, within the Frontier of the Emerald Plains. Small settlements dot the landscape for miles as outlaws pillage, steal, and rule with an iron fist. Monsters lurk at every bend in the path. As most of the life on this planet, the brush around you is overgrown and untamed. Tall oak and spruce trees stand dozens of feet tall, and the grass beneath your feet is lush and familiar. The massive stellar rings that surround the planet brighten the evening sky, allowing you to see your companions around the fire with no effort. Within a stellar ring, almost watching, rests Spectra, one of the several moons of this starless world. Its light alone is enough to remove your need for torchlight on this chilly evening, but the heat of a fire is always welcome. The warm season has just ended.

You and your companions sit around the fire, tending to your wounds, and laughing the night away with a fresh catch and plenty of drink. All seems well in the world...but only a short distance from your camp...trouble lurks.

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