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Alea Zylsceri

Played by Avee

Class: Druid - Circle of Dreams

Alea Zylsceri is a young half-elf woman from the northern region of Asperran. Born into a long line of herbalists, plant makers, and wildlife specialists, she finds herself most comfortable in nature, despite her lack of her mother's green thumb.

No matter how hard she tries to keep plants alive and healthy, her efforts fail. Being born under the moonless month of the calendar, Alea believes herself to be cursed!

After meeting a stranger in her mother's shop she bolstered up the courage to leave home and figure out this curse buisness once and for all, unbeknownst to her family. 

With a full heart, persistent optimism, and a creative approach to solving problems Alea hopes to meet this stranger again, and fix this curse once and for all.



Tedward Edweadore

Class: Barbarian - Path of Legends (coming soon)

Tedward Margaret Edweadore, born at a chunky 15lbs,  comes from humble beginnings on his family's ancestral farm in the Emerald Planes of Asperran. Here he grew up mastering animal husbandry, citrus fruit grafting, and the shoveling of all manner of excrement.

A ravenous consumer of trashy dime novels, Tedward soon grew bored with life as a farmhand and, as a strapping 250lb 6'5" lad of 13 years old he struck out to become an adventurer. Little did he know that the greatest love of his life (behind potatoes), books, would shape his life in ways he couldn't have imagined.

Now he travels across the planes of Asperran looking to become a famous adventurer, just like the stories he read as a child. All while his magical book companion scribes his adventures.


Hele Ma'Ana

Class: Sorcerer - Wild Magic Bloodline

Among the eastern seas of Asperran many of sailors and adventurers have come within arms reach of Mokupuni, the Grand Archive, and they never knew it.

A isle hidden among the waves and mists of the eastern seas. Here the fabled port town of Kahakai lies warded from unwanted eyes. A nexus of culture, religion, and history long forgotten to time.

This place of stories and tales, is where Hele Ma'ana calls home. Before his journey began he was on a path to become a archivist of the grand archives, though wild magics shifted his path. 

A chronicler turned adventurer by the unyielding tides of chaos he travels Asperran in search of grand stories and secrets, without realizing he is at the center of such a tale.


Fellamir Thurbash IV

Class: Warlock - Blade Pact

Deep in the woodlands of the Ashmoore peaks, there are more than just trees and idle forest bed. If you look hard enough there, you may find a small colony of people. These strangers worship a great tree god that protects and maintains a small piece of the sprawling woodlands.

Fellamir Thurbash the IV was one of these devotees, until his dwindling family of the Thousand Branches reached the edge of their own extinction. Old age and sickness threatens the survival of the colony.

Now, gifted with a divine mission, Thurbash has left behind the forest he calls home. He seeks new friends and devotees, or maybe even a way to save his own family before they all disappear. Although he will travel far for his people, he always holds a piece of his god very close to his still beating heart.


The Adventurers

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