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The ORator

Welcome to the Orator. My name is Michael and I'm the storyteller for the show Tales of Asperran. Stories have always been a monumental part of my life. This blog is my personal way of sharing it with you. On the show's off-weeks I will be posting stories from my life, and talking about how that has affected my own style of storytelling in the hopes that it can help all of you tell better stories, and bring joy into the lives of others.

Every storyteller, game master, and player needs their own workshop. As storytellers we're always creating, tweaking, and modifying our own tales. This blog is a place where you wonderful listeners get a tour of my personal workshop. We'll dig into topics related to storytelling, game design, character building and how it connects to my life. If you've always wanted to peek behind the books of a storyteller and see how the worlds are made, this is the place to start. If you're struggling with something in your own endeavors, or have any requests for a specific topic, home-brew, or discussion send a
tweet with your questions and ideas. Lets build stories together.

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